Where do you get your coupon inserts from?

My coupon inserts are pulled from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.  Inserts can come from the Early Sunday Edition or the regular Sunday Edition.  Please note that I do, actually, go and buy the paper so my costs reflect that.  Others who are offering you the AJC inserts for cheaper are probably not obtaining them in an up and up fashion.  As a result, those folks are not truly reliable.  By buying from The Coupon Shipper you can feel confident that your papers are purchased legally, supporting the newspaper business.

Are the coupons cut out already when I get them?

No, all coupons are mailed as a whole, complete insert.  Unless the listing explicitly says that it is a cut out coupon in the listing description it is a whole insert packet.

When I buy a “paper” or a “set” what is included?

I pull all Red Plum, Smart Source, and Proctor & Gamble coupon inserts.  I do my best to include the Publix fliers, restaurant coupons, and any coupons in the Parade magazines but these are not guaranteed.  If there are any coupons included besides the traditional Red Plums, Smart Source, or Proctor & Gamble sets I will clearly state them in the product description.

What is the ordering deadline to guarantee I can get this Sunday’s paper?

All orders placed before NOON, EST on Friday can be guaranteed for that Sunday’s coupons.  I can sometimes accommodate late requests but I cannot guarantee them.  If you have missed the preorder deadline please contact me directly to determine if I can fill your order request for that week.  The best way to avoid this is to utilize the monthly subscription service.  I will send you a reminder to renew when your subscription is up to help make sure you don’t miss any of those important inserts!

I preordered this Sunday’s paper.  Why hasn’t it shipped yet?

When you preorder the paper you are asking me to purchase a paper for you that upcoming weekend.  Preordered papers will ship out no earlier than Saturday and no later than Monday morning.  I cannot ship preordered papers out before Saturday because I can’t buy them before then!

What do you mean by a “month” of service?  Do I have to start at the beginning or the month to get monthly service?

For my monthly subscription service you pay for 4 weeks  of service at a time and you renew every 4 weeks.  You do not have to wait until the next month to start your service! If there are no coupons in the paper for one of the 4 weeks you have paid for that weekend does not count against your 4 weeks.  You are only paying for weeks when you actually get coupons!

I’ve purchased a monthly service subscription but I don’t want this week’s coupons.  Can I skip this week?

When you order 4 weeks of service you are ordering 4 weeks of coupons and I place my paper order based on those numbers.  I cannot “skip” weeks at the last minute or I end up with too many extra papers.  I do allow for you to skip weeks you know you don’t want if you tell me at the time you sign up for your 4 weeks of service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I currently utilize paypal for all of my payment processing.  You can use paypal funds or you can just use your credit card without an account and they will process it for you.  If you do not have a paypal account or would prefer to not use paypal you can mail me a check or money order and I will start your service as soon as your check clears.  Please contact me directly for more information if you’d like to do this.  If your payment for service has not been received and cleared by Friday at 5 pm your week’s coupons are not guaranteed.  You must order and complete payment before I can guarantee your papers.

Why is your shipping so high?  Do you offer cheaper options?

First class shipping is only available up to 13 oz.  Most coupon packages with 1 or 2 sets weigh under 13 oz and can go first class for $3.75.  However, I do not have an easy way to adjust the shipping for first class orders placed through my website at this time.  If you want to utilize first class AND you are ordering 1 or 2 sets, you can go on and place your order and put a note in for me to refund you the difference for first class shipping.  The other option is to email me at kim@thecouponshipper.com and I will send you an invoice.

I ship all orders with 3+ sets via priority mail service to ensure that they arrive at your door quickly.  Most packages will fit into the flat rate priority mail envelope for $5.25.  If your shipping cost is more than you have prepaid for I will contact you so that you can pay the difference.  Packages will not ship until the shipping overage is paid.

All packages include tracking numbers which you should receive automatically.  If you have not received your tracking number for this week’s order please contact me.  Once I drop packages off at the post office and they are marked received the post office is responsible for safe delivery to your door.  When the post office fails to deliver a package I will do my best to help you get it resolved, but I cannot guarantee replacement coupons due to my limited stock numbers.  If you see that your package has been received by the post office but is not on track to arrive at your home, please start by calling the USPS at 800-275-8777 to inquire about your package.

Is there any way to save on shipping?  I just can’t afford priority mail shipping rates!

I do offer the option of shipping your coupon once every other week for those that can’t afford weekly priority shipping rates.  I encourage you to seek out another person in your area to split shipping costs with to help both of you save and keep your costs down.  If you don’t know anyone in your area that is interested I can check to see if I have other clients in your area that might want to share shipping with you.  If I do I will contact them first to see if they are willing to explore this option.  If they are I will put each of you in contact with each other.

I want to order a lot of papers!  I’ve talked with some friends and we’re going to go in together.  Can we get a price break?

I offer discounts to orders of 50 or more papers.  Contact me directly for those rates.

Is there a co-op in my area?  Can you help me get connected to it?

There are currently coupon co-ops in Jefferson and Athens, GA that receive their coupons from me.  There is another co-op in Auburn, AL for alumni of Jackie Waters’s Couponing 101 class.  If you are in those areas I encourage you to let me know so I can put you in touch with those coordinators to see if you can join in with them.  It makes it easier for me and cheaper for you!  If there isn’t a co-op in your area but you’d like to start one please contact me and I’ll do my best to help you get started.


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